Application of Songun on U.S. Soil

Songun in laymen’s terms is putting the rifle before ideology. Putting national defense of one’s homeland and people as the highest priority from imperialist action. To those inclined to the study of Songun we are able to see the effects of military first politics in the DPRK and its relation to the rest of the world. Too much emphasis has been placed on the application of Juche, or the ideology of self reliance. This is inappropriate at this time in North America due in fact we are not in a position to practice self reliance under our present conditions. We are surrounded on all sides by enemies and with Songun victory is possible through a National Vanguard against these forces.

Kim Jong-Il stated: “The military is the university of the revolution,” and “a magnificent school of ideological, intellectual, and physical training.” In that light we can begin forming the application of Songun on our soil. Because military first policies are solely for the health and prosperity of the people it’s important to evoke a heroic sense of brotherhood or comrades in arms. To arm the people mentally. The most effective of military forces use these stylized motto’s incessantly. We are all one, in one struggle. We have lost our sense of competition in this country, and with the application of competitive military activity such as long distance running and sparring we can bring back to our people a sense of mental toughness they used to possess.

Second is to arm the people physically. Chapter IV, Article 60 of the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea states “The State shall implement the line of self-reliant defense, the import of which is to arm the entire people, fortify the country, train the army into a cadre army and modernize the army on the basis of equipping the army and the people politically and ideologically.”Recruitment into the national military will begin at 18. With many years of prepatory exercises. All able bodied men will serve in national defense. In this way upon exiting national service all men who served will be able to act as a national guard of reserve forces. In this manner citizens are called to duty in times of need.

Many will wonder, isn’t the United States already acting in this accord. In an imperial sense yes. The difference in Songun is that it will act as a vanguard to the people’s interests. Not the interests of power and monetary seeking capitalists. Songun will bring back the honor of serving one’s country and people.


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